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Danette Morara

As an African, I don't really think they care.. They're here for business anyway. What i think many Africans like about them is that they don't meddle in our affairs. Sorry to say this but the west treats Africans as objects of pity that need to be controlled like kids. Not that we don't appreciate being helped but stuff like aid has done more harm than good here, in my opinion.


Some of the money given by western governments came with demands such as duing our currencies and other policies that only made things worse. China offered the only other alternative for African governments to get loans with no strings attached. The west focus mainly with things like human rights ..yes, human rights matter, a lot. But seriously..the main agenda during Obama's visit to Africa was lgbtq rights, who cares about what their neighbours do in their bedroom when you are all struggling with school fees, putting food on the table and going to work via shitty roads. As president Kenyatta (Kenya’s president) rightly told him, it is a non-issue to Africans. Most of our main problems now are economical. And China focuses on that.


When it comes to investing, they also adopt the same attitude. American sponsored university like USIU offer humanity courses like law (how many people can afford lawyers??), Korea is funding a tech university that's being built …the impression someone gets is that ‘they think African students won't handle STEM courses ,..but the east does.’ I'm not saying that's the actual attitude the west has, but that's what it ‘feels' like. The feeling that you and your people are constantly being belittled.


Yes, we are aware they may/do have other sinister interests but in the eyes of the ordinary African they're the lesser evil.


Richard Ali, I'm a Nigerian who believes in an African identity and the continent's history.(用户签名:我是一个对非洲人身份和非洲大陆历史有很深认同感的尼日利亚人)

China is an honest dealer. What you see is what you get. And they are here to trade. After the duplicitous, manipulative, hypocritical relations with the West, no African or country thinks “care” is an important ingredient for anything other than raising children. In fact, we categorically reject being “cared” for. We are, precisely, not filial. On this we have no illusions.


China’s intervention in Africa will have the same effect as FDR’s New Deal. Already we are seeing effects. The West had its chance but after colonialism and neocolonialism, they still deployed ruinous Structural Adjustment policies predicated on earlier “loans” that masked massive illegal money flows to Western corporations. We are still trying to crawl out of the massive dislocations of that “adjustment” so spare us the care thank you.


China wants markets, we have it. Africa wants technological expertise, China has it. Give me China any day.


Theophilus E.Daniel-Kagbare, studied at University of Benin(用户签名:毕业于贝宁大学。    译注:贝宁大学属于非洲贝宁共和国,位于非洲西部)

Why should China - or any other country - care about Africa?
It is for Africa to care for herself.


The Golden Rule may be the ultimate wisdom, but it is hardly the guiding principle of geopolitics. But while self-preservation may be the first law of nature, China-Africa relations need not be a zero-sum game.


A win-win scenario, however, requires that we, Africans, know and define our national self-interest, have a view of what China has to offer, as well have an idea of what China wants. If we expect the Chinese to argue our own case, we are in for regrets.


Question is: does African countries have a clue of their respective national self-interests?


When Japan opened itself to the West in 1853, it knew what it wanted and aggressively pursued its national self-interest. In a few decades, it transformed itself into a modern state at par with the West.


While South Korea lapped up American aid in the 1950s, it was not beguiled to become a pawn in the chess game of the Cold War . It used the access to American market and expertise to transform itself into a Newly Industrialized Country, within a few decades.


When China, under Deng Xiaoping, embarked on economic reforms in 1978, it knew not to take the advice of the likes of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. The Chinese leadership clearly defined their national self-interest, and resolutely pursued it.


Does the Nigerian leadership, for example, have a clearly defined national self-interest? And what the Chinese has to offer thereto?
Sadly, Nigeria can hardly be credited with real politik in its geopolitical engagements. Pride, more like. The 'African Big Brother'


What does the Chinese want?


China wants lots of raw materials for its vast - still expanding- industrial base. They want market for its manufactures.
Africa have both. Expect the Chinese to drive bargains for both. Who would not?


African countries should not expect the Chinese to promote the development of their own manufacturing base: they will readily use African countries as dumping ground for cheap consumer goods. That is going on already.


The most populous country of planet earth pursues the opposite of population policy of countries like Australia and Canada: they export quality manpower. Expect sizable Chinese communities everywhere they go, with the potential and capacity to crowd-out local labour for high-skilled as well as low-end jobs, even as you bewail unemployment. Already, you have Chinese labour hands in African countries. Be sure the Chinese will be do a better job than the Arab civil engineers we have to do our roads and bridges (!). Even while we bewail unemployment. Of course, we have a very 'liberalized'worldview.


Unlike Ghana, which reserves areas like merchandising and distribution for its citizens, Indian and South African retail shops are common in Nigeria. In no time, expect Chinese corner shops in the streets.


Let us be guided, therefore, else someone has cause to re-incarnate Walter Rodney pity-party in "How China Undeveloped Africa".


Historically, trade and business have been the very crucible of civilization, facilitating cultural exchanges, enriching ways of life, via intercourse between peoples and different civilizations. Certainly, the oldest continuous civilization of the world has a lot to offer African peoples, generally. Traditional African ways could do with an alternative worldview to Western colonial worldview and legacy.


Confucian way of life and outlook, self-discipline, Chinese medicine, the Chinese repertoire in the war against poverty, etc can only benefit.


IF, and to the extent we are ready to adopt, adapt and absorb.
A big IF, that.


Peter Kenneth Nduati, CEO at Resolution Insurance - Kenya (2002-present) (用户签名:自2002年于肯尼亚Resolution Insurance保险公司任职CEO至今)

No! We don’t think China cares about us. And China does not pretend to care about us.


The West pretended to care about us and brought aid that had strings attached. Structural adjustment programs wrecked our economies in the 90s. Health aid was tied to building military bases. The west supported despots who killed their population.


With China, we are clear on what their intentions are.


Freddy Chikwiri, MSc Mining Engineering & Geotechnical Engineering, Camborne School of Mines (2018)(用户签名:于2018年在英国坎伯恩矿业学院学习采矿工程专业及岩土工程专业)

No and honestly we don’t care either. We are not teenagers seeking out to be loved, we want business!


China is an honest dealer! We finance your hydro-power project/railroad/university etc, we get diamonds/gold/coal? Deal - Y/N?

中国是个诚实的商人!“我们投资你的水电站/铁路/大学等等,我们从你这得到钻石/黄金/煤炭,成交?请选择 是/否”。

In a social setting, China is the guy who tells that this is a one night stand before hand! No misplaced feelings of ‘I thought it was real’ here.


The West on the other hand treats Africa as a basket case that needs saving and will be extinct if they stop with their generosity. So they come with a saviour mentality, honestly they gotta stop!(Ever seen how ‘Spent a month volunteering in an African Village’ acts like a passport to heaven on people’s CVs?)


Of course not all deals are 50/50 but being honest about your interests is half the deal done.


Njeri Akenga, Director (用户签名:主管)

China gives Africa what we need and in exchange we give them back what they want from us. It’s a mutual relationship and not one of taking advantage of Africa and pretending to care about AFRICAN people. As an AFRICAN, it’s a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties. Though even with China we must keep our eyes open and keep some of the goodies to ourselves and not sell our souls to China (so to speak)



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